understanding body odour

If you’re someone who tries to stop perspiration during workouts to save your blowout (by blasting the AC, wearing ANTI-perspirant etc.), you might be missing out on an essential part of detoxification. The fact is, sweating is good for us!
Sweating is one of the most effective ways our body detoxifies! And because the world we live in today is highly toxic, this is increasingly important. More importantly, understanding body odour can reveal a lot about our health.

From our air, to our water supply, cosmetic products, pesticides and food packaging, the prevalence of toxins continues to increase. Most of our detoxification processes happen through the liver and kidneys, but sometimes we need a little help…that’s when our pores step in!

What Does Your Sweat Say About You? Understanding Body Odour and Your Body

There are different types of sweat that can occur regardless of the temperature (or how good of a workout you just had!). Sweating can also be your body trying to tell you something about your nervous system, your mood and even your hormones. Understanding body odour is essential for better understanding our bodies. Here are the five main “types” of sweat we can experience and what causes it.



In humans, body odours stem from a complex interaction between skin gland secretions and bacteria. We can all sweat from strenuous exercise, but it turns out that sweat caused by an emotional or hormonal response actually smells worse! Why? The apocrine glands produce a milkier, smellier sweat (with more bacteria) that is often linked to emotional stress.



Two of the most common causes of night sweats are blood sugar dysregulation and a drop in estrogen. When our blood sugar levels drop causing hypoglycemia, our stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol are triggered, which can lead to night sweats. A drop in estrogen is perfectly normal mid-cycle, but since estrogen is one of our thermoregulatory responses (which means it helps to support and regulate our body temperature), some of us are prone to night sweats at certain points in a month.



Do you ever feel overheated and start to sweat shortly after being irritated or experiencing a stressful situation? This can be due to an adrenaline surge. Another way adrenaline surges can happen is via blood sugar dysregulation, which is outlined above. Under stress, adrenal fatigue can interfere with the hypothalamus to regulate our body temperature which can cause temperature dysregulation.



“Cold sweats” refer to feeling a sudden chill in your body, accompanied by excessive sweating that isn’t brought on by either heat or physical exertion. They’re often associated with your body’s “fight or flight” response to perceived danger (aka your sympathetic nervous system). It’s also often common to conditions that inhibit blood or oxygen from circulating in your body like passing out, shock, nausea, vertigo, and migraines. Who knew that understanding body odour could reveal all this and more?



Hot flashes are a common symptom of menopause for a number of reasons. Here’s one we’d like to highlight: women going through menopause have a large drop in estrogen, and since estrogen helps regulate our body temperature, they can’t thermoregulate as easily. Cue, overheating and sweating. Eating foods that boost estrogen such as yams and lentils can help with this.


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