at-home fascial releaseA simple self-care ritual you can include weekly is to set aside some time for facial exercises and fascial release to release tension in your jaw/face. This will increase circulation and help alleviate stress you’ve been carrying. Side effects can include a more relaxed appearance of your face, more defined jaw-line and improved skin tone! Are you ready for TMB’s secret at-home fascial release technique?


These are all great when done all together, or you can pick and choose which area gives you the best relief and do that one on repeat!

Smiling cheek muscles

Gently pinch your cheeks and pull the skin away from your face. Hold for 10-15 seconds. Then move the “pinch of the cheeks” slightly closer to your ears on each side and repeat. Pinch and pull the skin away from your face. Hold 10-15 seconds.

TMB Tip:
While you pull outward, can pull a little up or a little down to see where YOU need the stretch the most.

Jaw line

Keep teeth closed (not clenched), then look up to the ceiling (tilt your head back) – You should feel a stretch at the front of your neck/jaw.

TMB Tip:
Take it one step further, turn your head to the right first, then tilt your head back the same way, and feel the stretch on the left front neck/jaw. Repeat by turning to the left to stretch the right.

Chewing pain

Take your index and middle fingers from both hands and place them just under your cheek bone and just in front of your ear. Massage in a circular motion moving downward toward the jaw.

TMB Tip:
Take it up a notch with your knuckles right under the cheek bone, and press!

Temple/headache pain

Place all 4 fingers on either side of your head so that your ring and pinky fingers are on your temples, then slide all 4 fingers up, just under the bony ridge (on your temporalis muscle). Move them in circular motions – his helps the jaw and also relaxes tension in the face.

Neck stress

Take your thumbs and place them in the notches at the back of either side your head where your skull meets your neck. Massage in a circular motion or hold as a trigger point until tension released.

TMB Tip:
This one feels great with using our TMB Corkball!

Stress tension

Inhale through your nose, and on your exhale, relax your lips and exhale through your lips while making a motor boat type sound letting the lips vibrate. Not only does this breathwork help induce relaxation, the vibration helps let go of tension as well as tension in our jaw muscles.


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