Dr. Bhat is launching her first ever GROUP functional medicine program – The Vitality Collective! With the success of her one-on-one functional medicine program and her 21-Day-Clean Gut Detox, she has curated the best of “east meets west” and science-based transformative tools and actionables to upgrade your wellness (and your NORMAL) from the INSIDE-OUT. The best part? It happens in a group setting with other amazing like-minded women while you learn to honour and celebrate your own bio-individuality!

What’s Included In The Vitality Collective: 


9-month program


9 two hour in-person group sessions with Dr. Bhat


6 tailored calls with a functional health coach to ensure personal success


Access to an app: Exercises, fascial release, lifestyle tips and tricks, bio-hacks etc.


Exclusive access to a private Facebook group – includes on-going support of your health coach and Dr. Bhat


Never before offered à la carte functional medicine testing throughout the length of the program (optional/extra cost)


And so much MORE!



October 7th
November 4th
December 2nd
January 6th
February 3rd
March 2nd
April 6th
May 4th
June 1st


$1397 + HST

This is your chance to unlock your potential and transform your health! Some of the many topics covered during the sessions and tailored phone calls will include gut health, hormones, restorative sleep, mindset, meditation, nutrition, organic beauty, supplementation, fascia and MUCH more. PLUS – you’ll have the full support of Dr. Bhat, your functional health coach and your peers throughout the whole program!

If you want in, contact us today to reserve your spot. Remember, the sooner the better, as space is limited!

“To me, vitality is feeling confident in my skin, breathing fully, feeling happy with exactly who I am in this moment, the energy to show up as my best self, moving with grace and ease, having strength in my immunity and body, mental flexibility and open mindedness, being able to enjoy a delicious meal, a great night’s sleep, laughing, loving whole heartedly, connecting with others and lighting up the world with what I know to be true. It’s unfortunate that in our world today, we’re taught that if we’re not “sick” we’re healthy, but the truth is, most of us have no idea just how amazing our body was designed to feel. Come rediscover your vitality with me!”

Dr. Shalini Bhat

What People Are Saying About It

"Dr. Bhat's program literally changed my life. I now have the tools I can always turn to and build on forever. Thank you, Dr. Bhat!"

"Thanks for everything Dr. Bhat! The information, food ideas, recipes, products and especially the support."

"I had less sweat, no brain fog and I slept better. I was totally in my element. My bowel movements were like clock-work. I want to continue this forever!"

"I feel like I've only done 1/8 of the program and people can't stop noticing the differences!"


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