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About TMB Group Reformer Classes

 The Movement Boutique is a wellness clinic offering expert treatments as well as private and semi-private classes in Rosedale, close to Midtown Toronto. Function is at the core of our offerings, which include Functional Medicine, Chiropractic treatments, Acupuncture, Pilates classes and private or group Reformer classes.

Combining Chiropractic Concepts and Pilates for a Customized Experience

Designed by Dr. Shalini Bhat, expert in movement, Functional Medicine and chiropractic care, the TMB method is exclusive to the Movement Boutique. Classes focus on functional and natural multi-directional movements which will strengthen the body, increase mobility and create graceful, long, lean physiques. 

The Movement Boutique's Unique Group Reformer Classes 

With a ratio of 3 participants to one instructor, our signature TMB Group Reformer classes give you the experience of a semi-private Reformer session for the price of a group class. These classes combine the expertise of chiropractic care (in fact 2 of our teachers are chiropractors) with slower more focussed Pilates based movements.

Movements are tailored to each individual's needs in a unique approach designed tone the body at a level that most other modalities are not able to achieve.

Who Are These Classes For?

Because the class ratio is 3:1, TMB Group Reformer classes really are for anyone. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned Reformer user, rehabbing an injury or preparing for an athletic competition, our teachers will work with you at a level and intensity that best suits your needs.

Equipment Used

TMB Group Reformer classes take place on individual reformers, and also involve the use of ankle weights, gliding discs, bands, balls and toning weights, all of which are provided.

Single class: $40

10% when you purchase a series of 10 classes

We also offer private and semi private Reformer sessions. Please contact us for pricing and information.