natural aging tipsWe live in a society that emphasizes appearance and equates beauty with youthfulness. However, we believe that aging is a beautiful part of our body’s evolution. In fact, it’s more than just skin deep. At TMB, we believe that aging is about how we move and feel just as much as it is about how we look. Today we’ve gathered Dr. Bhat’s top 7 natural aging tips and secrets so you too can age radiantly.

Move it, or lose it!

Can exercise make you look younger? Answer: Yes!

If you haven’t heard us talk about it before, your FASCIA is the ONLY organ in the body that LITERALLY goes EVERYWHERE. Wrapping the heart, skeletal muscle, your entire digestive system, bones, and lives JUST underneath our skin too! Taking care of your fascia from BREATHWORK, to fascial release (like what we do at TMB), to movement and exercise is essential. Keeping your fascia happy, healthy and aligned will keep you young to boot.

Not convinced? Picture how a dancer gracefully walks, head held high, posture to die for. Then picture someone who walks a little off because of an old injury and a hunched back from sitting so much. Which one looks more vital/youthful?

Keeping our mobility, posture and graceful movement truly does keep us feeling youthful inside and out. With the right prescriptive movements and fascial release, you CAN change this at ANY age! We do it with our clients at TMB daily and our classes are full of natural aging tips like this!


We talked about purpose/ikigai a couple weeks ago! The big picture of this is living your life in accordance to your values, rather than living for someone else’s. It’s easy to get caught up in trying to people please or, “do right by” our parent’s/friend’s/children’s/partners’ approval or comfort. However, IKIGAI challenges you to step away and focuses on creating your best self, from the perspective of YOU.

It’s important to check in and see that your habits and lifestyle are congruent with the person you are, and are striving to be. Set your expectations accordingly. Ultimately, it’s important to know where you want to be, so you can be headed in the right direction. Put it this way: If you are headed to California but you’re walking toward New York, you’re never gonna get there!

Consume living water

We hear “drink more water” a lot, but we need that water to be absorbed into our cells. Dr. Bhat’s two main tips: avoid tap water (filtered only!) and get your water from watery foods like fruits and veggies! Hydration helps our body digest food, absorb nutrients, and let go of waste. When we don’t get enough water, our skin can lose its elasticity. Water hydrates the skin, thereby reducing wrinkles and even brightening your complexion. Remember, our body is 70% water, and maintaining hydration is essential for preserving that youthful glow.


Financial gurus say this one all the time but I love this one as it’s true across ALL facets of your life. Diversify the foods you eat (we all tend to eat the same 10 or so foods over and over). Our foods should be from all colours of the rainbow, all different taste profiles and textures. It’s what ensures we get all the macro and micro nutrients we need in a day and all the right types of fibre for detox and our gut health. This can go beyond food as well.

Diversify the people you interact with/follow on social media/take advice from! This will help you gain new perspectives and foster gratitude. Diversify the places you go/travel to, the ways you move your body and the activities you partake in. Taking in new sights, sounds, smells and tastes will create new neural pathways in your brain, foster creativity and keep you young.

You are what you eat

Dr. Bhat’s take on food is this: the more VIBRANT the food, the more vitality (youth) it can provide! Dead shelf food full of chemicals and preservatives made in a factory is not high-vibe nutrition. Eating a fresh, organic, locally farmed, mostly plant based diet with sustainable free range meats (if consuming) and avoiding artificial sugars, pro-inflammatory oils and heavily genetically modified/pesticided crops is vital to feeling our best.

If you aren’t sure how to ditch processed and incorporate more vital foods into your diet (that taste YUMMY!) consider our FUNC MED FOODIE program! This is a 30 day program alongside our health coach, Sarah, while she teaches you exactly how to incorporate these vibrant foods into your life in a delicious way. This program is great for teens as well!

Forest Bathing

Close your eyes and picture this scene: you’re in a forest. It’s quiet, very quiet. There are brilliant shafts of sunlight streaming through the canopy of branches, the sound of wind flowing through the leaves, birds chirping, the smell of spring in the air… Open your eyes: that was quiet nice, no? This is the premise behind Forest Bathing or, Shinrin-yoku. This is the simple practice of spending time in nature, as a way to improve mental and physical well-being.

Forest bathing has been proven to reduce stress, boost mood, lower blood pressure, increase circulation and creativity, strengthen the immune system, AND improve sleep. Next time you head off to nature, consider leaving your phone behind. Let your body be your guide. Listen to where it wants to take you, savouring the sounds, sights, and smell of the forest and letting nature in.

Sweat it out in the sauna

Next up on the list are infrared saunas – one of Dr. Bhat’s personal go-to wellness tools and something we often recommend for our FUNC MED patients to upgrade their health! If you follow her on social, you’ve probably seen her roll up into her infrared sauna blanket to sweat it out. Unlike conventional saunas that heat the actual air around you before your own body starts to heat up, infrared saunas use infrared thermal light to penetrate through your skin in order to raise your core temperature, promoting perspiration and toxin excretion. Want to try the sauna blanket Dr. Bhat has? Click here and make sure to add DRBHAT50 at checkout for $50 off!


Here at TMB we don’t only help you with natural aging tips, but we also offer a wide range of wellness treatments to help you age radiantly. Ask about our signature Facial Rejuventation Acupuncture treatment, our incredible 21-Day Clean Gut Detox program and our full body virtual studio workouts to help you age radiantly!