Studies show that up to 80% of us…yes 80%…don’t know what we’re having for dinner by 4pm the same day. What!

Meal prep is one of those things that we know we should do, but don’t always follow through with. From traveling, to relying on takeout, feeling like you don’t have enough time, to watching just “one more” episode on Netflix, it’s easy to talk yourself out of meal prepping. Sound familiar?

The problem is, when we rely on take out or other processed foods and don’t take the time to plan our meals, we miss out on the benefits of home cooking… a big one being the ability to control the quality of the ingredients like cooking oils and avoiding added sugars. Having a weekly meal prep session can make a world of a difference when it comes to your health and lifestyle and it’s easier than you might think to get started!

5 Tips That Make Meal-Prepping Easier

Whether you’re a busy professional who is motivated to eat healthier and order less take-out, or a stay at home mom who wants to set a good example for her kids, getting into the swing of meal prepping can feel intimidating – but it doesn’t have to be!
Here we’re breaking down some of our favourite tips and tricks for making meal prep easy:

1. Start with the veggies

We can simplify meal prepping by picking just one part of the meal to prep, such as the vegetables! Prepping veggies in advance will save you time because you already have part of your meal prepared, and it will also ensure that you’re getting nutrients and antioxidants at every meal.
Once you feel comfortable with this, you can start adding onto your meal prep process i.e. cooking a protein and/or resistant starch to pair the veggies with.

Interested in plant-based eating? Check out our magazine article (***PLZ LINK TO PLANT BASED ARTICLE) where we share tips for the whole family!

2. Roast nuts and seeds

Who says salad has to be boring? Adding roasted nuts and seeds to some in-season greens can add a delicious crunch and added nutrients! Plus, if cooking up a meat protein (like organic chicken) feels like too much, nuts and seeds are a simpler plant based option that still contains healthy fats and a protein punch to keep you full. Add some avocado and some of those pre-chopped veggies and you’re all set!

3. Choose meals you can freeze easily

Sometimes, it can be easiest to make a big batch of something – In these cases, you’ll want to pick something that’s freezable. During the winter months, cozy soups, stews, chilli or curries are great options as they’re perfect for batch cooking and freeze very well. When making a pot, we recommend making 4-5 times the amount you would normally make so you can store the rest for future meals.

4. Have a set day for shopping & prepping

Have a look at your week and see when you can realistically spend a few hours grocery shopping and cooking. Many people find Sunday the easiest option as it’s less likely to be as busy as other days of the week, but choose whatever day works for you! Sticking to the same day each week can get you into a routine, so you’re more likely to follow through and stick to your plan.

5. Reframe your mindset

Instead of viewing your weekly meal prep as a chore, let’s try reframing your mindset and thinking of it in a new light. Don’t just think of it as another thing on your “to do list” – think of it as an expression of self love. After all, you’re taking the time to prepare food that will nourish your body, save you energy, and reduce stress, which is something to be celebrated!

Now that you have some of these tips up your sleeve, we hope you find planning your meals in advance a little easier and ultimately, enjoyable! Happy meal prepping!