Getting good sleep away from home is a challenge, but not impossible

Vacations are all well and good (okay, well and amazing!) but they do present a unique challenge of disrupting our sleep schedules. Between the jet-lag, late nights, hotel pillows, unfamiliar noises and glasses of rose, it’s easy to lay awake all night when we’re away from home.

How sleep contributes to our overall health

Sleep allows the body to rest and in a sense ‘work on itself’ so that it can function to the best of its ability. In addition to good sleep improving our physical health, sleep also allows our mind to destress, relax and resest, working wonders for our mental health as well.

Here at TMB we have some incredible sleep-hacks that you can tuck away into your carry-on so you can be truly rested and relaxed on your next trip or adventure!

5 life changing sleep hacks for when you travel


This is the dynamic duo that will transform your travel experience. Masks are a natural way to shield light from your eyes while ear plugs make even the loudest hotel quiet. Together these handy tools will help you get to sleep faster. We bring ours whenever we sneak away on a getaway!


Okay, not really a game, but an effective sleep hack nonetheless! Place a pillow at the bottom of the hotel door. This will block any excess light coming through, which may be distracting when you’re trying to fall asleep. Trust us, this is a total game changer.


We recommend Insomnitol or RelaxMax to help you fight jet lag and relax before bed. You can pick both of these up at TMB!


Did you know that dehydration can negatively impact your sleep? Make sure that you’re sipping liquids throughout the day (filtered water if possible). Consider carrying a reusable water bottle with you so you’re never without water while you explore and have fun.


Ideally you should stop staring at screens an hour before bed. Avoid blue light by lowering the brightness of of your TV screen, covering your alarm clock, and enabling “night shift mode” in your iPhone settings. If you want to take it to the next level, use black tape to cover the little button lights on your computer and TV too!

Good sleep means you can get the most out of your vacation and return home truly refreshed.

You don’t have to toss and turn all night while you’re on vacation. Try TMB’s handy sleep-hacks and have the sweetest dreams ever!

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