Dr. Meagan Maguire


Dr. Maguire is a chiropractor, Pilates instructor and movement specialist. She takes a holistic and functional approach to assessment and diagnosis and uses an integrated therapeutic method to treat and prevent injuries. All of her treatment plans are individualized to address movement dysfunction and personal health, wellness, and athletic goals.

As many neuromusculoskeletal conditions stem from improper movement patterns, poor core control and or lack of mobility, she likes to integrate Pilates based exercises to rehabilitate and prevent injuries as well as strengthen, lengthen, tone!

She believes that optimal health and wellness is multifaceted and that each contributing factor needs to be addressed in order to prevent and resolve pain/injury. As a graduate of McGill University (B.Sc.), The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto, Ontario (DC), and McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario (DCMAcP), she is constantly learning and loves sharing all of her health and wellness knowledge!