21 Day Clean Gut Detox

A comprehensive functional medicine program designed by Dr.Bhat to get you MOVING, FEELING and LOOKING better in just three weeks!


Join the movement and sign up for our 21 Day Clean Gut Detox Program, a comprehensive wellness program designed by Dr. Shalini Bhat to get you moving, feeling and looking better!

Are you ready to be empowered with a program that works?

The Clean Gut Detox will teach you how to make powerful lifestyle changes that will dramatically improve your gut health and gently detoxify your body. This program is much more than just a “juice cleanse”, calorie-restriction or meal plan – It is a profound mind + body strategy that is designed to create long-lasting transformations in your life, with ongoing support + guidance along the way from an experienced functional medicine physician.

How it Works:

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Do You Wish You… 


Had as much energy as you used to?


Could fall asleep easier and stay asleep?


Had naturally glowing skin?


Could avoid feeling bloated after eating? 


Had better nutrition and fitness habits?


Knew how to better manage stress?


Could improve digestion?


Had an easier period?


Could mitigate stomach & digestive issues?

This Program is for you if you’re…


Empowered to take your health into your own hands


Open minded about trying and implementing new self care techniques


Wanting to upgrade your wellness with simple and effective bio-hacks


Tired of “googling” what to do and are looking for a guided solution to feel better


Willing to invest time and make changes to your diet and lifestyle


Looking for a fun, supportive community to help you reach your goals

What Makes TMB’s 21-Day Clean Gut Detox Program Different?

Our program was designed from a functional medicine perspective in order to achieve sustainable, long-term results. Dr. Bhat’s dynamic background in Kinesiology, chiropractic, Pilates, and acupuncture has allowed for the synthesis of a multifaceted, holistic program, to help YOU find and address the ROOT cause of your symptoms through supplements, nutrition, fascial release, self-care practices, sleep bio-hacks and more!”

This program will change the way you

look at your health

Mind Detox

The program includes scientifically proven relaxation techniques including guided meditations, sleep hygiene tips, and bio-hacks for your morning & evening routines. 

Dietary Optimization

You will receive gut healing recipes, organized shopping lists and inflammation-reducing protocols to prepare your body for long-term wellness.


Movement Medicine

Get access to TMB style fitness routines and fascial release techniques designed exclusively by Dr. Bhat to tone your body, realign your fascia and revamp your daily movement patterns.

What People Are Saying About It

"Thank you Dr Bhat for this amazing experience! I look better, feel better and I DID IT!!"

“I did The Clean Gut Detox with my husband and it was terrific. It’s hard to describe the change but we both started feeling so much better after the first few days. An added bonus was how informative Dr. Bhat's program is - we learned a ton about how different foods impact our bodies and health - it has definitely changed many of our eating habits going forward. ”

“Thanks so much for everything Dr. Bhat!! The information, food ideas, recipes, productsbut especially the support !! ”

"I am loving my morning bowl so will keep it on my diet. Thank you Dr. Bhat for your support, wisdom and vast knowledge."

"Thanks so much. I love your support and am thankful for all of the attention that you’ve given to us by sending us videos and e-mails."

"The sense of Community that really brought about the inspiration and empowerment for me. Thanks for bringing it all together."

"These exercises are excellent moves. Just what I need. Thanks. Enjoying the program so Much."

"Loving the program...so much valuable information! The first week flew by and I’m looking forward to week 2. Thank you."

"Consciously reducing my sugar intake and increasing my water intake has surprisingly had an amazing effect on my cognitive functioning, memory, and energy in only three days. Thank you."

About Dr. Bhat

Hi, my name is Dr. Shalini Bhat, functional medicine professional and owner and founder of The Movement Boutique.  I want to welcome you to experience this next-level 21-Day Clean Gut Detox and I hope you’re as excited as I am to get started on this life-changing journey. With over 10 years of experience in the field, my philosophy is centered on a holistic, multi-modal approach to health grounded in the latest therapeutic techniques and clinical research.  Having personally navigated through years of  chronic bloating, fatigue, aches, pains and hormone imbalances, I pride myself in practicing what I preach.  

I curated this program using the dynamic, purposeful, implementable strategies that I’ve seen benefit my own patients in my private practice, and it all starts and ends with your gut. Gut health and optimal detoxification are the fundamental cores of overall wellness, affecting everything from our mood, energy, stress levels, skin, sleep, and subsequently, our quality of life. 

My goal is to provide you with a road-map to help you take your health to new heights, cutting through all the noise and trends on the internet and to bring you the most relevant information for your mind, body and microbiome. With a combination of bio-hacks, workouts, relaxation techniques, recipes, high-grade supplements and more, you will take your wellness into your own hands and I will be there to support you through every step of the process!    

What’s Included:


Clean gut detox friendly recipes, shopping lists and nutritional advice including
what foods to eat and what to avoid based on your bio individuality


Access to a private Facebook group to connect with other clean gut detox community members, including Dr. Bhat and her Clean Gut Detox support team


Curated, professional grade supplements and instructions to optimize gut function and revitalize your body


Direct weekly support and FAQ live videos with Dr. Bhat


Learn how to detoxify your beauty routine


Daily info to your inbox, including long-term gut optimization tips, lifestyle
enhancement, relationship improvement, and
access to guided meditations & relaxation techniques…and more!


Follow Your Gut!

The support and knowledge you’ll gain, in combination with all the tools you’ll need for success, make this the best decision you can make not only for your current gut health, but also your long-term optimal wellness. Plus, it’s a lot of fun doing it as a group! Join us in this amazing journey and start moving, feeling and looking better today! We can’t wait to meet you!

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