clean gut detox programOur 21-DAY CLEAN GUT DETOX program was designed from a functional medicine perspective in order to achieve sustainable, long term results. Dr. Bhat’s dynamic background in Kinesiology, Chiropractic care, Pilates and acupuncture has allowed for the synthesis of a multifaceted, holistic program to help YOU find and address the ROOT cause of your symptoms through supplements, nutrition, fascial release, self-care practices, sleep bio-hacks and so much more!


Aside from CLEANing up bad habits, healing the GUT and boosting your DETOX, per the program’s namesake, there are all here are 7 reasons to join us right now!


Opportunity to ask Dr. Bhat all your questions

You’ll have access to a private Instagram group where you not only will have an opportunity to interact/connect with other like minded people in the group, but also connect with Dr. Bhat directly in a video format! She will be posting daily videos, bio-hacks, health upgrades, tips, tricks and so on!

To REST your body

Anyone else feel like the word “rest” these days translates to sitting on the couch binging Netflix? Well, during the CGD you’ll learn how to identify the types of rest your body and mind are craving and how to fit them into your day. ACTUALLY resting to feel completely refreshed & recharged from the inside out.

To learn long term habits

Let’s get one thing straight – the CGD is NOT a fad diet. One of the reason peoples fall out of their “diets” and health programs is that they aren’t sustainable. During the CGD, you’ll learn the actionables and tools that will help you stay on track when it comes to making long term diet and lifestyle changes.

To CHANGE it up! Diversify

If there’s one thing our GUT loves, it’s diversity! Did you know we on average eat the same 10 foods over and over? If you’re bored of your same old routine, then the CGD can help you shake things up! Learn new recipes to go into rotation, new flavours, new textures and go far beyond food to learn about which lifestyle factors might be holding you back.

To focus on something OTHER than food/exercise

If you’ve done the food/exercise duo, maybe it’s time for a new type of approach that incorporates things like breath work, a change in mindset, a new habit, a morning routine you love, re-connecting with a loved one, creating space between you and your screen etc.

To understand how certain food groups may be affecting you, or food combos

We DIVE and I mean deep DIVE into nutrition during the program, myth-busting certain fads and teaching you what foods NOURISH your gut. Why food sensitivities, intolerances and allergies are different and how to differentiate them.

To learn new ways of moving/fascial release

Every day you’ll get a new TMB style workout or fascial release exercise directly to your inbox that you can do from the comfort of your own home.


The Clean Gut Detox will teach you how to make powerful lifestyle changes that will dramatically improve your gut health and gently detoxify your body. This program is much more than just a “juice cleanse,” calorie-restriction dogma or meal plan. This program is a profound mind and body strategy that is designed to create long-lasting transformations in your life. With on-going support and guidance along the way from an experienced Functional Medicine physician, we help you reach your goals for good.